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Due to the economic turmoil this country is facing at this time, foreclosure and the inability to pay ones mortgage has become a reality to even the most financially responsible individuals and families. Most Floridians have been affected by a poor job market, loss of employment, loss of income and savings, and have investments that have not generated any kind of revenue.

The Fernandez Law Group works with homeowners who are seeking help and advice to allow them to stay in their homes, avoid foreclosure, and limit their liability exposure. We work hand in hand with homeowners facing tough decisions in order to help make the right choices needed which in turn allows for a secure financial future.

We offer free research and a consultation to each one of our potential clients in order to help inform struggling homeowners of their rights and options when faced with the financial burden that too many have seen in these tough economic times. We will, if nothing else, give each person a realistic idea of what they can do to help themselves with their particular situation. Every case is researched, reviewed and explained by an attorney who will be assisting you throughout the entire process.

With a combined legal experience of over 40 years, Fernandez Law Group has been committed to providing quality service to its clients while maintaining a high level of respect, integrity, and appreciation for each individuals' legal needs.

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